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Pregnancy, Children, And The Vegan Diet
17.08.2017 11:00

Vegetarian diets entail more than just fruits and vegetables. medical system that maintains dying people alive (interfering with natural selection). Get mad at the politicians who aren't losing light on our population epidemic. Get mad that people who said eating meats three times a day is normal. Get mad at individuals who created the lopsided food guides, the corporations which have made massive profits by tricking people!vegetarianism
Vegetarians avoid eating inactive animals, and while eggs are not dead pets, there's some argument as to if vegetarians should avoid eating foods that require getting rid of animals, even if they are still avoiding the animal flesh itself. For instance, caviar eggs are from slicing open seafood stomachs and taking the eggs in the fish.
In the audio version of this story, we declare that a Berlin vegan ice cream shop uses hand engine oil to make its glaciers cream. That is what an employee of the store told us during taping; however, the dog owner has since written us to correct this. The dog owner says the glaciers cream is made with cocoa butter, avocados or olive oil, depending on flavor. And some types don't need any olive oil beyond what's already in the soy milk or coconut milk.
In its latest food survey What's Nourishing Our Food? Friends of the planet earth quotes that around 6m hectares of forest land each year - an area equivalent to Latvia or twice the size of Belgium - and an identical acreage of peat and wetlands elsewhere, is changed into farmland per annum. Of that, it says, most goes to livestock or to grow the crops to nourish the cattle.
Finally, contrary to my opponent's assertions, dairy's role in strengthening bones has long been established by the nutrition and technology community. Don't take just the Dietary Guidelines' word. Dozens of randomized, controlled, professional medical trials-the precious metal standard in research-have showed that calcium mineral and milk products contribute to better bones. These tests far outweigh any observational studies which, by their very design, cannot show a causal romance between eliminating beef and dairy foods and a succeeding improvement in health.


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